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Information letter pursuant to article 13 of Legislative Decree 196/03 on personal data protection. Your email address will be electronically and confidentially handled. The company in charge of handling the data is QUANTUS S.r.l. Via Pezzotti Giovanni,4 - 20141 Milan (MI) Italy VAT No. 04460300967. The list of data handlers can be requested by email to the following address Users are also entitled to exercise their rights pursuant to article 7 of Legislative Decree 196/03, including checking, deleting, updating their personal data by contacting the data handling company: QUANTUS S.r.l. PST COMONEXT ,Via Cavour 2 – 22074 Lomazzo (CO) Italy.

To ensure the correct operation of the Iclose, the Sim card owner's data must be entered and recorded in Quantus Srl database. More specifically, in addition to personal data, the service also requires a mobile phone number. This personal data will be used by Quantus srl to send the customer the following information:

The customer can accept these three options by ticking the associated box (services 1 and 2 are compulsory)

The following services, on the other hand, will be sent to the phone numbers personally set up with the Iclose software by the customer for the padlock purchased:

To accept compulsory services 4 and 5, click the associated box.

The customer who owns the SIM card is also aware that the localisation service allows the Master device Iclose position to be detected anywhere within the geographical regions authorised by the SIM card (Europe) and relieves Quantus srl from any liabilities related to consequences caused by transmitting such information. In other words, by ticking the box, the customer who owns the SIM card accepts that Quantus srl shall not be held responsible for the consequences of sending the Master Iclose geographical coordinates to the numbers selected by the customer.

To accept the compulsory service of note 6, tick the box.

acknowledges that the SIM card is supplied only for its uses allowed for the product called Iclose. Any other use is prohibited by the law and therefore banned. Should the SIM card be stolen or lost, the customer must notify the relevant authorities and write to Quantus Srl to the email address Quantus srl reserves the right to cancel or suspend its services if the SIM card is incorrectly used, specially if the customer uses a non prepaid tariff plan.

To accept compulsory service of note 7, tick the box.