Quality of life is about enjoying your free times, your hobbies, unleashing your creativity, spending time with people you love, fulfilling your desire for freedom. Maggigroup® knows this. This is why we offer technological solutions aimed to make it easier, more practical and safer to tackle a huge number of situations and needs in and out of the house, like DIY and sports, by smartly controlling your vehicles and boats, as well as many arts and crafts applications. We offer ropes, chains, cables and a wide range of accessories to give you peace of mind during your leisure activities.  We can do this by always electing to use quality materials and workmanship, to cater for a huge range of applications. And through our commitment to designing, manufacturing and offering products with the same passion as their users.

The Maggi Brand

The Maggi brand was created in 1925 thanks to the intuition and commitment of the Maggi family and since then has stood out as one of the most dynamic and far-sighted industrial experiences in the entire European chain manufacturing industry. The vocation of this major concern has always been to achieve an opening onto a number of different market sectors, a winning strategy that has made Maggi one of the few companies in the industry with multi-industry skills, specially in the areas Maggi operates in: ship-building, industrial, safety, snow, hardware and agriculture. This multi-sector experience, well integrated with a strong industrial project, has helped us to ensure a constant growth of our brand and enabled us to achieve a worldwide undisputed leadership. Today, Maggigroup® is a holding company with eight production facilities built on an area of more than 70,000 m2. An industrial concern employing over 250 people and including major production companies: Maggi Catene SpA, Zincofuoco SpA, Tempera Srl and MCC Group Far East. Maggi Catene SpA is the Group founder company and controls the engineering of all production processes, while Zincofuoco SpA and Tempera Srl were set up with our all-round investments, mainly targeted at our production line, to ensure flawless management and coordination of the critical quality process stages.

Italian Technology, Worldwide Ambitions

Maggigroup® is an Italian company that has taken on an international dimension, in search of the best production solutions to achieve high quality standards for its products. Within this strategy, accurate layouts and operating protocols have been created so that production processes can also be implemented in facilities located anywhere in the world, controlled and coordinated by Italian engineering skills and capital. The experience that represents the first step in this internationalisation strategy took place in South-East Asia, with the setting up of MCC Group Far East, a Maggigroup® production concern created by using Italian technologies and skills, the upshot of a decision that clearly shows a determination to achieve a multinational scale, crucial for becoming a major player in the newly emerging markets, not only in terms of exporting Maggi's products but, more importantly, to promote Maggi's technology and know how.

The benefits of being structured as a production Group

Being a major player in an increasingly more competitive global market has resulted in Maggigroup® undertaking strategic projects able to take up new market, production and marketing challenges with a global outlook. An international approach, together with the efficiency and the flexibility of the Group’s individual production activities, represents a winning mix for providing the market with major benefits and coming to the fore in different areas of competition: developing new technologies endorsed by Maggi patents; designing and manufacturing a wide range of products to satisfy all technical, application and operating demands; ensuring quality by offering centralised technologies and skills; offering warehouse stock flexibility ensured by a highly efficient organisation able to control our production units located all over the world; offering experience and skills, consolidated by our operations carried out in 65 countries.